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Major Threats to Dijo Thomas’s Life:

1. Pinarai Vijayan & CPI – M, CPI & Kanam Rajendran (State Secretary of CPI)

2.  Narendra Modi – Amit Shah – BJP – RSS


As Dijo Thomas is an Activist, who do Not Compromise, as he had brought out many issues against Powerful Politicians like Pinarai Vijayan [Chief Minister of Kerala], Kanam Rajendran (State Secretary of CPI), Kerala ex-CM Ommenchandy & ex-HM – Forest Minister Thiruvanchoor Radhakrishnan; BJP-RSS, Kerala Police etc.; they resort to Character Assassination Regularly, to prevent him from taking up issues against them.

Where ever Dijo Thomas goes, they Track him, try to make other people raise false issues against him etc.

Despite these, Dijo Thomas had been doing activism from his College days, especially for the past 12 years …..


I am in Tamil Nadu now. I have life threats from my above stated enemies.

I have threats of possible attack / Kidnap, at night, even in the places where I stay.

Dijo Thomas


Each of the group pretends to be the other, but I can easily find out, who approaches me.

The RSS pretends to be christian when they send someone. So does christians / CPM-CPI / criminal elements of Kerala Police etc..

How do Police & Intelligence Agencies [both Central & State] Illegally Track Dijo Thomas & Prevent his Social work? – a Severe attack on his Human Rights

> Police & Intelligence Agencies [both Central & State] track when Dijo Thomas uses his mail / website / Blog / YouTube etc.

> They then sent personal to track him physically.

> They Track Dijo Thomas when speaks over phone – even from somebody else’s mobile, then contact that person to whom he was talking to; with lies, to frighten them. Thus they will be prevented from helping Dijo Thomas

> Police & Intelligence Agencies delete E-mails to Dijo Thomas before he sees it.

> They may also be sending False mails, from his E-mail ID, to create negative impression of him

& Much More Ways

But I warn the Modi-Amith Shah-BJP-RSS to keep off from secretly preventing my activities or from attacking me – directly or indirectly. It will Not go as they have planned.

But I warn the Modi-Amith Shah-BJP-RSS to keep off from secretly preventing my activities or from attacking me – directly or indirectly.

Before the 2019 Election:I can Prove without doubt that EVMs can be Hacked & VVPATs can be Manipulated
If the Opposition Parties approach me, I will help them.
Therefore Major Threats to Dijo Thomas’s Life: 1. Narendra Modi – BJP – RSS [in the next 5 years, especially in the comming months]
If Mamatha Banerjee, Akilesh Yadav, HD Kumaraswamy & Mayawati supports, I will Prove it.
[Modi has infiltrated TDP so much – 1. a senior person in TDP office in Vijayawada is his agent 2. A IB agent interviewd me in TDP off & even “sent” a Whats-Up message to CM’s secretary. CB Naidu may not be able to do much, in view of all those.]
I am Not a Politician and doesn’t have much respect for them. I do Not intend to become a Politician. Whatever I have to do for the Country & Society; I will do without becomming one.don’t see much merit in Toppling the Biggest Thief in India – the Chowkidar – and installing “anti-Chowkidar group of Thieves”, as both groups are Thieves.Therefore ifI should prove that EVMs can be & are being Hacked and Results being Changed; I will do it Conditionally Only.I would do it Only in a way that Indian Society will benefit.I can Prove that:1. EVMs can be Hacked.2. They have been hacked in the past to alter Election results3. How EVMs can be Hacked.4. Finding VVPATS was more difficult, but I have found out 4 ways by which VVPATs can be hacked. The astonishing thing is that the count will be exactly as the EVMs.It is Hacked by a Highly Complex method, a New Method, & Not in the way people have been Trying to prove.As I have declared this, Narendra Modi will move against me, directly or Indirectly, in the comming days.It can also be a Fake Case, Accident, Attempt on Life etc. but not limited to. He may move Indirectly, as is his usual nature. He can force any Govt. that he controls like Pinarai Vijayan govt., TN, Telengana to file a fake case against me. If Modi wants more fun, he can use even a state I have not visited at all, like Haryana

The Opposition parties are Playing into the hands of Modi. They think they are winning, but the script is going exactly as Modi had plannedI am sure that Opposition parties haven’t understood what Modi has planned. Their Leaders are nowhere near Modi’s intelligence.Just consider this: When the results are declared & Modi wins by, manipulating EVM. What can Opposition parties parties do, even if they have proof? The SC is clearly favouring Modi, as is evident in Rafale case.Therefore the only chance of Opposition parties is to prove [before the Results are Declared]Dijo ThomasMarch 2019

After the 2019 Election:People ask me if I I can Prove that EVMs can be Hacked, then why I didn’t? Or why I didn’t prove the corruption in Rafale deal?
BJP-RSS tried hard to prevent me from meeting Chandrababu Naidu the third time.
I could have just called a press conference & proved both. But I didn’t.
The reason is that Mody, with all his merits & de-merits, is the most capable leader in India. A big & diverse country needs a capable leader, not some dynastic kids.
Secondly, Congress had done almost all the sins atributed to Modi in their long rule.
Thirdly, Congress was a Big failure in National Security, especially with Pakistan.
Fourth, it was the Congress govt. of Ommen Chandy that prevented the conservation of Neelagiri Kaduva, by the pressure of Roman catholics & other Fanatic Christians.

But I warn the Modi-Amith Shah-BJP-RSS to keep off from secretly preventing my activities or from attacking me – directly or indirectly. It will Not go as they have planned.


How to solve the Ayodhya Problem Permanently? Suggestions by Dijo Thomas

How to solve the Ayodhya Problem Permanently? Suggestions by Dijo Thomas.

As a Philosopher & a Social Scientist, I had been following the Ayodhya dispute for a long time. As a person belonging to neither of the religion in dispute, nor to any religion, I always thought that the Muslims could have handled it better.

If they were prudent enough to gift the Babri masjid land to built the temple for Hindus, a lot of goodwill would have been created between those communities. It is not still late to do that.

My suggestions to the honorable Supreme Court to find a permanent solution to Ayodhya dispute:

1. There is no clear proof that Sri Raman was born in the exact place as the disputed site. It is, at best, a belief only. He could have been born 10 Kms or even 100 Kms away.But then, all religions are based on beliefs, including Islam. Therefore the value of the above belief [for Hindus] will be more than that of a mere exercise in History.

2. There were many historic evidences of Temples being destroyed by invading forces, during the last 1000 years.

3. Sri Ram is one of the most Important Gods for Hindus

Most Important:

4. Babri Masjid is one of the thousands of mosques for Muslims, whereas for Hindus, Ayodhya Temple is the birth place of one of their most Important Gods.
Considering all above, I think the permanent solution lies in giving the major portion of the disputed land to Hindus to build the Ram Temple. 

At the same time Muslims should be given enough land in Ayodhya to build the Mosque, with the government bearing the expenses. They should also be given 2 acres or so, in a distant place, to build a big mosque & other facilities.

Place of Universal Worship 

A third Place of Universal Worship, where people are made to understand that the essence of all religions is Goodness, should come between the Ram Temple & Babri Masjid in Ayodhya. It should be accessable to both Hindus & Muslims. It should be a place where, in the best of spirits, both Hindus & Muslims can pray together. 

It can have an Interpretation Center for promoting the friendship between religions. There, for example, people can be presented with the foolishness of the concept that ones own God is the only God. It could act as a healing touch.
Dijo Thomas.

There was a Major Attempt to Murder me in Kanakkampatti near Palani [TN] in the night of 19th & early Morning of 20th Oct 19 : Dijo Thomas

There was a Major Attempt to Murder me in Kanakkampatti near Palani [TN] in the night of 19th & early Morning of 20th Oct 19 : Dijo Thomas

There was a Major Attempt to Murder me in Kanakkampatti near Palani [TN] in the night of 19th & early Morning of 20th Oct 19 : Dijo Thomas

I was returning to the place I stay in Kanakkampatti [8 Km from Palani] about 12.30 in the night on 19th Oct 2019. I have to walk 2 KM in a desolate road, from main road to reach the place of stay.
When I walked half KM, two sedan big cars, one back, one white followed me. 
They went past me, but didn’t stop, when I waved, as there was light & building whwre I stood.
They then stopped in a dark place whaiting for me.
Then a maruti omni came & tried to take me to the waiting cars.
I refused & turned back & reached the main Road. 
A brown bolero / Toyota came & stood watching me on the opposite side of the road. All this took about 1 hour.
As I knew an attack may take place, I was very careful.
It was a major attempt  with 4 vehicles involved in the murder attempt.
I was also Tracked – Followed & attacks planed in Bangalore,  Ooty, Kodai etc.

The RSS-BJP  & CPM-CPI are against me due to various reasons.
Criminal elements of Kerala Police may also be involved.

Criminal elements of Kerala Police may also be involved, as I have taken-up the issue for a long time, they have targeted me for years, written to supreme court recently.

Important Clues: A person claiming to be Dr. Maheswaran [Phone: 87787 30216] visited me in that place a day before that. He mainly came to collect details.
Two weeks before the attempt, a person named Sudhan [Ph: 78100-59159 & 99427-39502] tried to take me & leave me on top of a uninhabited mountain, as it would have been easy for the attack.

Dijo Thomas




Neelagiri Kaduva {Neelagiri Tiger}, a BigCat as Big as Tiger – was Discovered & Scientifically Proved by Scientist / Wildlife Conservationist Dijo Thomas in Tamil Nadu !!!

Dijo Thomas 
Email sent to TN CM on 19 Oct 19

Subject: Stop Press:- Neelagiri Kaduva {Neelagiri Tiger}, a BigCat as Big as Tiger – was Discovered & Scientifically Proved by Scientist / Wildlife Conservationist Dijo Thomas in Tamil Nadu !!!

Request Your Urgent Attention & Support  :       Neelagiri Tiger is a Pre-Historic animal – the Ancestor of both Feline {Cat} & Canid {Dog} Families    


Thiru Edappadi K. Palaniswami
Honble Chief Minister


Dear Sir,We request your strong Support to do Research on Two Rarest Species in the world, which exists in Tamil Nadu:1. Neelagiri Kaduva   {as Big as Tiger}2. Neelagiri  Cheruvan
1.Neelagiri Kaduva
Neelagiri Kaduva, as Big as Tiger, which was Discovered by Dijo Thomas   in  Coimbatore & Ambasamudram Forests is one of the most Important Species in the world ! It is called “Naai Puli” in Tamil.

NeelagiriKaduva-Neelagiri Tiger.jpg

Neelagiri Kaduva –

  • 8 th Big Cat in the world {Like Tiger, Lion, Leopard etc.} .
  •   Neelagiri Kaduva {NK} is As Big as the Tiger [Pug Mark size : 12 cm]
  • Ancestor of both Feline {Cat} & Canid {Dog} Families .
  • Discovered & Scientifically Proved by Scientist / Wildlife Conservationist / Environment Protection Activist / Wildlife Researcher Dijo Thomas in Neyyar Dam Thiruvantahapuram Dist. on 25 Sep 2014   &   Kanjani, Thrissur Dist. on 08 March 2016.

  •      Dijo Thomas had presented Scientific Paper on Neelagiri Kaduva {Neelagiri Tiger}, the NEW Species Found by him in TWO Indian Science Congress        – 103 rd Indian Science Congress 2016; held at University of Mysore on 07 Jan 2016   &      in 104 th Indian Science Congress; held at SV University, Tirupathi on 07 Jan 2017

2. Neelagiri  Cheruvan

Dijo Thomas also Discovered Neelagiri  Cheruvan in Ooty & Kodaikanal in 2019.
Neelagiri Cheruvan has a face similar to that of Neelagiri Kaduva or a Dog. Neelagiri Cheruvan is only little more Bigger than a Dog.The largest population of Neelagiri Cheruvan occurs in Ooty, which I estimate to be about 10 – 15. 
Ootty: Naai Siruthai [Dog Leopard]

We need your Strong Support in the   Conservation of Neelagiri Kaduva , which is of   International Importance  ! 
These Two Conservation Projects will bring a lot of International  Appreciation & Support to Tamil Nadu.
Regards,Dijo Thomas  & 
Wildlife Conservationists from South India

► Web 1: http://RareWildlife.org
 Blog: https://RareWildlife1.wordpress.com
YouTube:  1. RARE WildLife► https://www.youtube.com/c/WildlifeCon...

Media Reports                                       
More than 350 + Reports in Mainstream Media [& hundreds of Reports in smaller Media & Online] of Neelagiri Kaduva has come in 5 languages so far: Tamil, Malayalam, English, Kannada, Telungu etc.


Dinathanthi – 3jun16








Dinathanthi- Neelagiri Cheruvan – 21sep19

Sun News : https://youtu.be/KpwCoQbbWkk