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Major Threats to Dijo Thomas’s Life:

1. Pinarai Vijayan & CPI – M, CPI & Kanam Rajendran (State Secretary of CPI)

2.  Narendra Modi – Amit Shah – BJP – RSS


As Dijo Thomas is an Activist, who do Not Compromise, as he had brought out many issues against Powerful Politicians like Pinarai Vijayan [Chief Minister of Kerala], Kanam Rajendran (State Secretary of CPI), Kerala ex-CM Ommenchandy & ex-HM – Forest Minister Thiruvanchoor Radhakrishnan; BJP-RSS, Kerala Police etc.; they resort to Character Assassination Regularly, to prevent him from taking up issues against them.

Where ever Dijo Thomas goes, they Track him, try to make other people raise false issues against him etc.

Despite these, Dijo Thomas had been doing activism from his College days, especially for the past 12 years …..


I am in Tamil Nadu now. I have life threats from my above stated enemies.

I have threats of possible attack / Kidnap, at night, even in the places where I stay.

Dijo Thomas


Each of the group pretends to be the other, but I can easily find out, who approaches me.

The RSS pretends to be christian when they send someone. So does christians / CPM-CPI / criminal elements of Kerala Police etc..

🟩 NeelagiriTiger.SuccessfulIndians.comwill be my Wildlife Website till I get back my Hijacked Domain Name.

 🟥 http://NeelagiriTiger.SuccessfulIndians.com
will be my Wildlife Website till I get back my Hijacked Domain Name RareWildlife.org.

👉 My Regular website RareWildlife.org has been Hijacked by the Lobby against my Wildlife Conservation and Environment Conservation. 

Dijo Thomas 
Wildlife Conservationist

🟩 NeelagiriTiger.SuccessfulIndians.com
will be my Wildlife Website till I get back my Hijacked Domain Name.

❌ Which is the Biggest Criminal Mafia in Human History?

❌ Which is the Biggest Criminal Mafia in Human History?

▪️Rapeists and Criminals Church
also known as ▪️Roman Catholic Church
gets the honor, defeating all others with a huge margin.

▪️The Whole lot of Roman Catholics either Commit Criminality or Protect the Criminals

▪️Even now they Conduct Criminal Acts and Protect all the Criminals using their huge Resources

❌ SHOCKING : ♊ Not only that, 99 % of Roman Catholics Support the Accused, and Not the Victims in all these Cases.

♊ 👉 They are adept in Hiding their CRIMINALISM Behind White Robes and False Smiles


▪️If you ask the above Q, the answer that immediately come to your mind is of Sicilian Mafia, which originated in the island of Sicily, Italy, whih later spread as far as the USA.

▪️But surprisingly it is Not the largest. A few hundred Kms away, the Largest
Criminal Mafia in Human History took shape & flourished, in the disguise of a Religion. Doing just the opposite of what Jesus Christ said, that too all in his name!

Some of the major Criminal Activities undertaken by Roman Catholic Church include persecutions of pagans, the Inquisition, Anti-semitism, secretly supporting the Nazi Germany, abuse of minors by Roman Catholic Priests, Protecting those Priests etc.

Other serious wrong actions include those on women’s rights, homosexuality, contraception and negative approach to sexuality.



The Crusades were a series of military conflicts, with a religious as well as socio-political character, waged by much of Christian Europe against external and internal threats. Crusades were fought against Muslims, Slavs, Orthodox Christians, Mongols, Cathars, Hussites and political enemies of the popes. Crusaders took vows and were granted anindulgence.

Elements of the Crusades were criticized by some from the time of their inception in 1095. Roger Bacon felt the Crusades were counter-productive because, “those who survive, together with their children, are more and more embittered against the Christian faith.” In spite of some criticism, the movement was still widely supported in Europe long after the fall of Acre in 1291. After that, the Crusades to recover Jerusalem and the Christian East were unsuccessful.
About 40, 00, 000 – 50, 00, 000 people were murdered in the Crusades war by Roman Catholics.


▪️Child Abuses and Rapes in USA

David Hickton, former U.S. Attorney for the Western District of Pennsylvania, is confident that federal anti-racketeering laws could be applied to prosecute the Catholic Church and/or dioceses for their role in the clergy sex abuse crisis. (AP Photo/Keith Srakocic)

▪️French Roman Catholic Wars
The French Wars of Religion by Roman Catholics were a prolonged period of war and popular unrest between Catholics and Huguenots(Reformed/Calvinist Protestants) in the Kingdom of France between 1562 and 1598. It is estimated that three million + [about 4,000,000] people perished in this period from violence, famine, or disease in what is considered the second deadliest religious war in European history.

The list is much long.


❌ Criminalism by Roman Catholics, Priests & Bishops in India

In India hundreds of Under-aged Children & Students in Catholic Seminaries are Sexually Raped by the Roman Catholic Priests.

▪️Nuns are Raped & even murdered by Roman Catholic Priests & Bishops regularly, like in Abaya case.

♊ Sister Abhaya case: Former crime branch SP KT Michael accused of destroying evidence

Sister Abhaya was found dead on March 27, 1992 in the Pius Tenth Convent in Kottayam, near the convent well.

Sister Abhaya, a Knanaya Catholic nun, was found dead on March 27, 1992 in the Pius Tenth Convent in Kottayam. Her body was found in a well in the convent. The local police and crime branch closed the case back then, calling it a suicide.

What does justice mean for a teenaged nun killed 27 years ago in Kerala?

▪️In the 27 years since Sister Abhaya was killed – her parents have died, crucial evidence was destroyed, and some key witnesses have passed away; others have turned hostile

▪️In 2008, 16 years after Abhaya’s death, CBI made three arrests as part of the investigation. Two priests (Father Thomas Kottoor and Father Jose Poothrikkayil) and a nun (Sister Sephy) were arrested, but released on bail a few months later. In 2009, CBI submitted the charge sheet in the case. The CBI during its investigation claimed of strong evidence available against the two priests and the nun belonging to the Knanaya community of the Roman Catholic Congregation.

▪️The first accused Thomas M Kottoor allegedly strangulated the victim while Stephy (the third accused) attacked her with an axe. The three- including Father Jose- then threw her in a well while she was still alive

In a fresh development in the controversial Sister Abhaya death case, a CBI court on Monday added a former crime branch SP, KT Michael [♊ 👉 again a Roman Catholic] in the list of accused for allegedly destroying key evidence in the case. KT Michael was in charge of the preliminary investigation in the death of Sister Abhaya, and had closed the case saying sister Abhaya had committed suicide in 1992.

♊ This is How the Roman Catholic Community Works:

🈳️ A Crime is Committed by a Roman Catholic / Roman Catholics

🈳️ The Roman Catholic Criminals are Saved by Other Roman Catholic Criminals ‼ How Conveniently Holy ‼


❌ Roman Catholic Church is protecting the culprits & obstructing Justice in Sister Abhaya murder case, Bhishop Franco Mullenackal Rape Case & Many Other Cases.

👉 These person who Raped & Killed Sister Abhaya was the then Kottayam Bishop (though his name did not figure anywhere in the Charge sheet)

It is the Roman Catholic Church, “following the teachings of Jesus Christ”, which is protecting the culprits & obstructing Justice in Sister Abhaya murder case.

👉 The whole lot of Roman Catholics, are using everything, Including Crores of Rupees, their Political Influence etc. to Protect the Exposed Criminals of the Church.

▪️If not for the lone fight put up by Jomon Puthenpurakkal, this case would have been long forgotten.

👉 Bhishop Franco Mullenackal had Raped a Sister Repeatedly, again it is the Roman Catholic Church, which is protecting him.

👉 There are Hundreds of other Rape Cases, many involving Homo-Sexual Rape of Minors by Priests & Bhishops in India alone, which have been silenced – Accused Protected / Victims Attacked , Threatened & Scilenced, by Roman Catholic Church.

The NHRC, Activists & Media should look into these.


❌ You can easily say that 100% of Roman Catholics are Criminals.

▪️Usually, we may not be able to attribute en-block as Criminals, if it were any other groupor organisation. But in the case of Roman Catholics, we can certainly say that 100% of Roman Catholics are Criminals.

Those Roman Catholics who are not doing big Criminal Actions like rape or murder, COMPENSATE that by protecting the big Criminals.

❌ The Whole of Roman Catholics, “following the teachings of Jesus Christ”, are the ones who are protecting the culprits & obstructing Justice in Sister Abhaya murder case, Bhishop Franco Mullenackal Rape Case, Homo-Sexual Rape of Minors by Priests & all other cases where they are involved.

❌ SHOCKING : ♊ Not only that, 99 % of Roman Catholics Support the Accused, and Not the Victims in all these Cases. They also attack the Very Few who come in support of the Victims.

This I am having a direct experience, and can show any number of Examples in Kerala.

After all this, you call Roman Catholic Church as a ▪️Religion or the ❌ Biggest Criminal Mafia in Human History?

Dijo Thomas
Human Rights Activist

10 September 2019

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♊ These are the Christian priests accused of rape across Kerala churches

👉 From teenagers and nuns to a tourist accusing priests of rape, the Indian clergy, like the Roman Catholic Church globally, has been tainted by scandal.

☑ Global Attention and Intervention Urgently Needed – Dismiss the Police Officers who Murdered Sreejiv Parasala; and initiate Criminal Proceedings against them. Dismiss other Police and CBI Officers who Sabotaged and Protected the Criminals.

 ⛔ SHOCKING ! – Human Rights

❌ A Youngster, Mr. Sreejith Shree, is SACRIFICING his ● Whole LIFE by Protesting on the Road-side Pavement before the Government Secretariat in Kerala, India,
♊ 24 Hours a Day for the past 5 YEARS ‼

❌ to get JUSTICE for his Totally Innocent Brother Sreejiv Parasala – who was Cold-Bloodedly and Pre-Plannedly murdered by Kerala Police, who took Blood Money to Murder him.
♊ Just Because he was in Love with a Wealthy girl.
♊ Not only that the Criminals in Police who were Murderers were 1. NOT Punished, 2. but they are being constantly Saved by a Highly Criminal Police Force. 3. Even Worse, they were actually Promoted by the Kerala Government.
☑ Global Attention and Intervention Urgently Needed.
⛔ If You Value Human Rights,
I request my Friends to Share this Maximum, as the Criminals in Police and Politics in Kerala Regularly > report and reduce the visibility of my posts.
👉 A strong Protest, from all over the World, will get him Justice. Kindly do Your part.

🈸️ For the past ● 5 years [ ■1700 + Days], since the age of 27 (an age when he should have been working and enjoying his own life), Mr. Sreejith, has done only One thing in his LIFE :
🈸️ ●– Fight PEACEFULLY by SIT-IN Protest, to bring the Police Criminals, who Pre-Planned and Cold-Bloodedly murdered his brother Sreejiv, before Justice.
❌ ● Torture, Murders, Lockup Murders, False Cases, Taking Money and Murdering People, Attacks on Activists, Charging Fake Cases on Activists, Criminal Activities by Top Police Officers, and other Serious Human Rights Violations by Kerala Police are a REGULAR and COMMON occurrence in Kerala.

 ❌ SHOCKING ! More Brutal Murders by KERALA POLICE than that of
1. George Floyd in USA or
2. Jayarajan in TN or
3. UP or 4. Bihar is a REGULAR OCCURENCE in (so called 100% literate) Kerala state ! !

❌ ■ In the last 4 Years alone, more than 30 Persons were Brutally Murdered by Kerala Police.
Thousands of Other Serious Human Rights Violations don’t Even get Reported in Kerala or outside.

■ How and Why Police took QUOTATION Money to Murder Sreejiv Parasala.

A Wealthy Girl fell in Love with Sreejiv Parasala, an ordinary person, but with very good character.
▪️ Varghese, the wealthy Father of the Girl, Conspired with Circle Inspector Gopakumar and Sub-Inspector Philipose of Kerala Police, (who is also a relative of his),
to Murder Sreejiv Parasala, and
paid Huge Blood Money to Police Officers to Murder him.

Though they initially planned to send some goons to Murder Srijeev Parasala, the Police Officers, who knew how the system worked had a “Better” plan.

The Police Officers advised Varghese not to send the goons to murder Sreejiv Parasala, because, if there were big protests against the murder, they will have to do more efforts to save Varghese, who was not in the Police.

▪️👉 They finally came out with a “Fool Proof” plan. If enough Money is Given, the Police Officers would themselves Murder Sreejiv Parasala. The Advantage of this plan was that, as they are Police Officers, they Knew that the Whole Police Force would Save them, at any cost. In most of the Criminal Cases where Police Officers were the Culprits, Police were able to save them. [▪️Any number of Examples can be Found in Kerala for this]
So they knew that there was no risk.

[● ❌ The Fact that even after Huge Protests around the World in 2018 for Sreejith,
with many Reports comming in BBC alone [see reference] and other World Media; The Culprits are Still in the Police, 👉 points to the Fact that their calculation that they will be Saved by other Officers in Kerala Police, and the Whole Police Force would Support them is Correct.]

Still there was a Problem. If they Murder Sreejiv Parasala while in Custody, they can be accused of custodial death. So they modified the plan to Torture him in Custody, Forcefully Feed him Poison, but to Finally MURDER him only in the Hospital. And then claim Suicide.

▪️The accused Police Officers made a Fake case and arrested Sreejiv Parasala, days before she was scheduled to get married to someone else. They Tortured him repeatedly in Police custody, fed him Poison, when he was nearly dying, admitted him to hospital saying it was a “suicide attempt”. The Police then “INVITED ” his Family to show that it was a Suicide Attempt.

▪️Human Rights Watch (HRW) said in an August report on India that suicide and illness are common causes listed by authorities to Cover Up deaths likely caused by police torture.

Taking Bribes to do Criminal Activities by Junior to Seniormost Police Officers is a Common Practice in India.

❌ But what makes this case Different is that, it was in Hospital that he was
FINALLY MURDERED by the Police, tying his arms and legs down to the bed, with Oxygen Mask, so that he could NOT SPEAK even to his Relatives, on 21 May 2014.

▪️It was a Very Intelligent move by the Police and others behind the Conspiracy to Murder Srijeev Parasala – later they can protect themselves with the argument that they didn’t kill him in Custody, but he died in Hospital, after a suicide attempt.

They certainly had the help of a few Hospital staff also, not surprising because the girls family are very influential and had (still having) support of Top level Politicians; and Police can Arm Twist almost any one in Kerala with their Fearsome Reputation for Torture, Fake Cases and Murders.

⛔ This Top level Politicians — Police Nexus ( like in many other cases) is exactly the Reason why the Accused Police Officers are able to escape from Proper Investigation or Punishment.

👉 Mr Sreejith said to BBC “I saw my brother tied up to a cot in the government medical college hospital before his death. He wanted to say something. He was wearing an oxygen mask and there were visible bruises on his body. But the police guarding him prevented me from going closer”.

▪️Other Criminal Police Officers did everything to Save the Accused by Destroying Evidence and cooking up comical stories – that Sreejiv had hid poison in his underwear, inorder to later commit suicide in Police Custody❕- a Cover up, which don’t have logic at all.

☑ ♊ Judge K. Narayana Kurup’s Findings and Ruling:

⛔ In 2016, the Government’s own Police Complaint Authority Chairman and former High Court JUDGE K. Narayana Kurup gave a Ruling that :
❌ “After detailed investigation with the help of Independent Experts, and with the help of Professionals from varied fields including Toxicologists, Forensic and Handwriting experts, shows that it was a “Clear Case” of Custodial Killing.

Police Complaint Authority Totally Discarded the Police cover-up story – with evidence –
and gave a strong ruling, including Severely scolding the state Police Chief for the lapses. (see attached News report)

👉 Judge Kurup said the evidence examined by the authority has pointed at torture leading to the death. He also said authorities had not initiated any action against responsible officers.
❌ The probe found that Circle Inspector Gopakumar and ASI Philipose Brutality Tortured Sreejeev and Forcefully made him DRINK POISON. The Police Complaints Authority also said that these policemen had the support of two civil Police officers.

♊ How and Why Dijo Thomas found Sreejith

⛔ ♊ In 2015, Dijo Thomas found Sreejith Protesting on the Pavement before Government Secretariat in Trivandrum, went and Enquired why he was Protesting. He told the whole story with Tears rolling down his face.

👉 After half an Hour, a Police Jeep came screeching to a stop before Dijo Thomas, in front of MLA quarters, Trivandrum, Kerala, in a Threatening Way, as a Warning not to involve in the case. They turned off the engine and sat there watching him- as a way of Warning and indirect Threat.
When he strongly questioned their action, they made an excuse and went away. You can easily see how other Police officers are going out of their way to protect the Accused.

▪️But this action by the Police made Dijo Thomas understand:
1. they are very much worried about any Activist taking up the case,
2. the Accused are very influential,
3. the Whole Police Force is Protecting the Accused
4. All these points to the fact that Police officers are really guilty
5. therefore there is substance in what Sreejith says.
I immediately went back to him and offered full Support. I also went through all the Evidences and found that it was a Pre Meditated Murder by Kerala Police.

From that time till this moment, Dijo Thomas is Strongly supporting Sreejith.

♊ Huge Protests Erupts in 2018 Supporting Sreejith.

In 2018, there was huge protests in Support of Sreejith, as a result of Social media, in which Dijo Thomas was also involved.
As a result of this, case was later transferred to the CBI, a Central Government agency, but the Central and State Governments colluded, as they didn’t want Mass Uprisings to be seen as a Success – as it would become Inconvenient for their illegal Actions using Police, in Future. The CBI also gave a report saving the Accused Police men, ignoring all evidences.
👉 This is the REASON why Sreejith is still continuing his Protest.

The protest has taken a clear toll on him. Once a professional bodybuilder, he weighs only 49kg (108lbs) now, and is clearly very weak.

♊ A Lot of TORTURE & Murders of Innocent People ➡️ (Not even Criminals) by KERALA POLICE are a day to day affair, some Examples:

1. Udayan (Custodial Torture and Murder to Rob his Rs. 4000 )
2. Kochi Srijith (Brutal Torture and Murder in Custody on the directions of ruling Communists of CPM) – as he was supportive of a rival party

3. Vinayakan – This College Student (16 age) was brutally Tortured by Police, just because he had long hair – he committed Suicide immediately on reaching his house. You have to note that he didn’t have any Case against him.

⛔ 👉 I had Personally Taken-Up Vinayakan Case, met his father and family members many times and advised them to take strong course of action against the Police.
This incident happened while I was in Thrissur, where I was doing Conservation and Research of Neelagiri Kaduva in 2016-17; for which Police and CPM started Indirectly Attacking me with the help of their collaborators
– as a result of which I was forced to End All my Activities for Neelagiri Kaduva and Raktha Athika Conservation in Thrissur in 2017 and move to Trivandrum)

4. ■ Even one of the Most Prominent Scientists in India Nambi Narayanan was FRAMED in a Totally FAKE Case by Kerala Police, (by taking Bribes from some foreign countries to prevent India develop Crayogenic Engines for Rockets).
After Many Years of Torture the SC made a strong verdict in favor of him, 👉 but still the top officers who made the Fake Case, including ADGP Siby Mathews, K.K. Joshwa and S. Vijayan are Not at all punished, they Escaped Punishment. This exactly, in my study, is the reason why Criminal Activities are repeated on a Daily basis by Kerala Police.

5. Not only that, Kerala Police is Actively Saving Hardcore Criminals by taking Bribes in many cases. One recent example:

❌ Mind Chilling — Walayar Minor Sisters [aged 13 and 9] Rape and Murder Case

▪️Culprits who RAPED and MURDERED two MINOR Sisters in Palakkad district, aged 13 and 9, were Saved by Kerala Police by taking huge Bribes. They were found hanging inside their one-room home 52 days apart [Cold Bloodedly Murdered and Hanged by the Accused]. Post-mortem examinations had confirmed that the minors were subjected to sexual assault before their deaths. The Police did everything to save the Accused and they were let off by the court. Politicians of the Ruling Party CPM and the Judge took Huge Amounts to Save the Accused.

■ There are Hundreds of other Cases more of Criminalism, Tortures and Murders by Kerala Police. ‼ Not even 100 FB posts are not enough to mention even half of those. ‼

▪️India’s National Crime Records Bureau says 591 PERSONS died in police custody between 2010 and 2015 – but the real numbers are much higher.

❌ These CRIMINALS in KERALA POLICE are protected by the Communist Chief Minister Pinarai Vijayan​​, Ministers including Jayarajan, DGPs (Police Chiefs including) Lokanath Behera, the ▪️Police Association,
the WHOLE Police Force, CPM party, Other Political Parties, Corrupt Politicians etc. 

⛔ Police Association of Kerala is Actually a Criminal Body, whose Main Activity is Saving all the Police Officers involved in Criminal Cases. ▪️The leaders of Police Association make Huge Amounts by this.
The Ruling Party and other Politicians are also Involved and they get a portion of this amount.

▪️I Challenge General Secretary of CPM Sitaram Yechuri to Comment on the Support of Police Criminals by CM Pinarai Vijayan and CPM.
I also Challenge Prakash and Brinda Karat to comment on it.

⛔ 🔳 I have been Supporting 1. Sreejith Case (actively since 70th day till date), and 2. Vinayakan case, and for that I am regularly Targeted and Attacked Continuously Kerala Police and Politicians many Times, even here in Tiruvannamalai.

❌ I have been Studying the Kerala Police since – you may find it hard to believe – 5 th standard in School – as I found from Daily Reports in newspapers that they are the most Dangerous Criminals in Kerala Society.
My Continuous studies since then, continuing even now, have led to the following findings:
👉 1. Kerala Police is one of the Most Criminal Police Forces in the World
👉 2. They are the Most Criminal Police Force in India.

❌▪️ILLUSIONARY Image Created by Kerala Police Helps to HIDE their CRIMINALISM

3. They hide their Mega Criminalism behind the so-called Professionalism in catching petty thieves and solving murders. In My Study of Criminalism of Kerala Police, I was able to Find Out the Reason for that:
▪️This is one Very Important Point that you should note: Kerala Police catches thieves and Solves Murders Not because they are Genuine; but because they DON’T get Bribes in ADVANCE from those 2 groups.

They will even Murder a Person, if they get Paid, like in the case of Sreejiv Parasala.

👉 4. Police Association of Kerala acts Exactly as a Mafia.

👉 The Main Reason why Nobody is able to Correct this System is Because the TOP OFFICERS of Kerala Police are HARDCORE CRIMINALS.

I can give any number of Examples.

👉 You may not believe it, but 40 % of Kerala Police are HARD CORE CRIMINALS, 30 % are Medium Level Criminals and 20 % are Ordinary Criminals.
If any one contest this, I can prove it.

■ More Details about the Mind Chilling Brutality, Tortures and Custodial Murders of Kerala Police will be Published in the following link :
■ The situation in Kerala is actually Worse than UP or Bihar, but Politicians and Police effectively Oppress the Human Rights Activists and others who stand up for Justice.
Many media and Reporters (not all) are Corrupt and Favor any one of the Political Parties, they ensure that the 1. Criminal Activities by Police and Politicians are Under-Reported and 2. That such News don’t go outside Kerala.

Visit for more Details:
👉 https://www.blogger.com/blog/posts/5955709301642109578

⛔ Demands by Dijo Thomas:
2 DISMISS and Give Severe Punishments to the other Criminals in Police, who supports the Accused in Police.
3. The probe against Police personnel should become Independent, Truthful, Foolproof and should be done in a Timely manner.
4. Sreejiv Case: Dismiss the Police Officers who murdered Sreejiv and start a New Pobe with New team. Dismiss the Police and CBI Officers who Sabotaged and Protected the Criminals, and initiate Criminal Proceedings against them.
5. Vinayakan Case: Dismiss and Charge a Case for Murder against the Police Officers
6. Walayar Minor Sisters [aged 13 and 9] Rape and Murder Case. Dismiss the Police, the Prosecutor, the Judge, Politicians etc. who Sabotaged and Protected the Criminals, and initiate Criminal Proceedings against them.
7. Totally Ban Police Association of Kerala. Initiate Independent Enquiry into the Role of their Office Bearers in saving Police Officers involved in various cases. And other Cases.
👉 8. Dismiss the Hardcore Criminals among Topmost Officers  in Kerala Police FIRST.

Dijo Thomas
Human Rights Activist
Police Reform Activist
Judicial Reform Activist

⛔ If You Value Human Rights,
I request my Friends to Share this Maximum, as the Criminals in Police and Politics in Kerala regularly > report and reduce the visibility of my posts.
👉 Please Forward this News to all Activists and Human Rights activists that you know.
👉 A strong Protest, from all over the World, will get him Justice. Kindly do Your part.

Sreejith Case: 2018 Reports
1. http://www.bbc.com/news/amp/world-asia-india-42743418
2. http://www.thenewsminute.com/article/765-days-protest-keralas-sreejith-still-seeks-answers-brothers-death-74694%3famp
3. https://www.theweek.in/theweek/statescan/social-media-fights-for-sreejith-kerala.html

Nambi Narayanan Fake Case
1. http://www.thehindu.com/news/national/sc-appoints-panel-to-look-into-harrowing-torture-of-nambi-narayanan/article24943213.ece/amp

RAPE and MURDER of two MINOR Sisters aged 13 and 9.
1. https://indianexpress.com/article/india/kerala/walayar-minor-sisters-rape-case-everything-you-need-to-know-6096348/

2. https://feminisminindia.com/2019/10/30/walayar-police-prosecution-weak-case-child-rapists/

▪️Pic 3 – Many times Dijo Thomas finds Sreejith in a Depressed mood as he don’t have any faith in the System in Kerala. I always try to CHEER him up and assure him that he will get Justice in the end.

How do Police & Intelligence Agencies [both Central & State] Illegally Track Dijo Thomas & Prevent his Social work? – a Severe attack on his Human Rights

> Police & Intelligence Agencies [both Central & State] track when Dijo Thomas uses his mail / website / Blog / YouTube etc.

> They then sent personal to track him physically.

> They Track Dijo Thomas when speaks over phone – even from somebody else’s mobile, then contact that person to whom he was talking to; with lies, to frighten them. Thus they will be prevented from helping Dijo Thomas

> Police & Intelligence Agencies delete E-mails to Dijo Thomas before he sees it.

> They may also be sending False mails, from his E-mail ID, to create negative impression of him

& Much More Ways

But I warn the Modi-Amith Shah-BJP-RSS to keep off from secretly preventing my activities or from attacking me – directly or indirectly. It will Not go as they have planned.

But I warn the Modi-Amith Shah-BJP-RSS to keep off from secretly preventing my activities or from attacking me – directly or indirectly.

Before the 2019 Election:I can Prove without doubt that EVMs can be Hacked & VVPATs can be Manipulated
If the Opposition Parties approach me, I will help them.
Therefore Major Threats to Dijo Thomas’s Life: 1. Narendra Modi – BJP – RSS [in the next 5 years, especially in the comming months]
If Mamatha Banerjee, Akilesh Yadav, HD Kumaraswamy & Mayawati supports, I will Prove it.
[Modi has infiltrated TDP so much – 1. a senior person in TDP office in Vijayawada is his agent 2. A IB agent interviewd me in TDP off & even “sent” a Whats-Up message to CM’s secretary. CB Naidu may not be able to do much, in view of all those.]
I am Not a Politician and doesn’t have much respect for them. I do Not intend to become a Politician. Whatever I have to do for the Country & Society; I will do without becomming one.don’t see much merit in Toppling the Biggest Thief in India – the Chowkidar – and installing “anti-Chowkidar group of Thieves”, as both groups are Thieves.Therefore ifI should prove that EVMs can be & are being Hacked and Results being Changed; I will do it Conditionally Only.I would do it Only in a way that Indian Society will benefit.I can Prove that:1. EVMs can be Hacked.2. They have been hacked in the past to alter Election results3. How EVMs can be Hacked.4. Finding VVPATS was more difficult, but I have found out 4 ways by which VVPATs can be hacked. The astonishing thing is that the count will be exactly as the EVMs.It is Hacked by a Highly Complex method, a New Method, & Not in the way people have been Trying to prove.As I have declared this, Narendra Modi will move against me, directly or Indirectly, in the comming days.It can also be a Fake Case, Accident, Attempt on Life etc. but not limited to. He may move Indirectly, as is his usual nature. He can force any Govt. that he controls like Pinarai Vijayan govt., TN, Telengana to file a fake case against me. If Modi wants more fun, he can use even a state I have not visited at all, like Haryana

The Opposition parties are Playing into the hands of Modi. They think they are winning, but the script is going exactly as Modi had plannedI am sure that Opposition parties haven’t understood what Modi has planned. Their Leaders are nowhere near Modi’s intelligence.Just consider this: When the results are declared & Modi wins by, manipulating EVM. What can Opposition parties parties do, even if they have proof? The SC is clearly favouring Modi, as is evident in Rafale case.Therefore the only chance of Opposition parties is to prove [before the Results are Declared]Dijo ThomasMarch 2019

After the 2019 Election:People ask me if I I can Prove that EVMs can be Hacked, then why I didn’t? Or why I didn’t prove the corruption in Rafale deal?
BJP-RSS tried hard to prevent me from meeting Chandrababu Naidu the third time.
I could have just called a press conference & proved both. But I didn’t.
The reason is that Mody, with all his merits & de-merits, is the most capable leader in India. A big & diverse country needs a capable leader, not some dynastic kids.
Secondly, Congress had done almost all the sins atributed to Modi in their long rule.
Thirdly, Congress was a Big failure in National Security, especially with Pakistan.
Fourth, it was the Congress govt. of Ommen Chandy that prevented the conservation of Neelagiri Kaduva, by the pressure of Roman catholics & other Fanatic Christians.

But I warn the Modi-Amith Shah-BJP-RSS to keep off from secretly preventing my activities or from attacking me – directly or indirectly. It will Not go as they have planned.


How to solve the Ayodhya Problem Permanently? Suggestions by Dijo Thomas

How to solve the Ayodhya Problem Permanently? Suggestions by Dijo Thomas.

As a Philosopher & a Social Scientist, I had been following the Ayodhya dispute for a long time. As a person belonging to neither of the religion in dispute, nor to any religion, I always thought that the Muslims could have handled it better.

If they were prudent enough to gift the Babri masjid land to built the temple for Hindus, a lot of goodwill would have been created between those communities. It is not still late to do that.

My suggestions to the honorable Supreme Court to find a permanent solution to Ayodhya dispute:

1. There is no clear proof that Sri Raman was born in the exact place as the disputed site. It is, at best, a belief only. He could have been born 10 Kms or even 100 Kms away.But then, all religions are based on beliefs, including Islam. Therefore the value of the above belief [for Hindus] will be more than that of a mere exercise in History.

2. There were many historic evidences of Temples being destroyed by invading forces, during the last 1000 years.

3. Sri Ram is one of the most Important Gods for Hindus

Most Important:

4. Babri Masjid is one of the thousands of mosques for Muslims, whereas for Hindus, Ayodhya Temple is the birth place of one of their most Important Gods.
Considering all above, I think the permanent solution lies in giving the major portion of the disputed land to Hindus to build the Ram Temple. 

At the same time Muslims should be given enough land in Ayodhya to build the Mosque, with the government bearing the expenses. They should also be given 2 acres or so, in a distant place, to build a big mosque & other facilities.

Place of Universal Worship 

A third Place of Universal Worship, where people are made to understand that the essence of all religions is Goodness, should come between the Ram Temple & Babri Masjid in Ayodhya. It should be accessable to both Hindus & Muslims. It should be a place where, in the best of spirits, both Hindus & Muslims can pray together. 

It can have an Interpretation Center for promoting the friendship between religions. There, for example, people can be presented with the foolishness of the concept that ones own God is the only God. It could act as a healing touch.
Dijo Thomas.

There was a Major Attempt to Murder me in Kanakkampatti near Palani [TN] in the night of 19th & early Morning of 20th Oct 19 : Dijo Thomas

There was a Major Attempt to Murder me in Kanakkampatti near Palani [TN] in the night of 19th & early Morning of 20th Oct 19 : Dijo Thomas

There was a Major Attempt to Murder me in Kanakkampatti near Palani [TN] in the night of 19th & early Morning of 20th Oct 19 : Dijo Thomas

I was returning to the place I stay in Kanakkampatti [8 Km from Palani] about 12.30 in the night on 19th Oct 2019. I have to walk 2 KM in a desolate road, from main road to reach the place of stay.
When I walked half KM, two sedan big cars, one back, one white followed me. 
They went past me, but didn’t stop, when I waved, as there was light & building whwre I stood.
They then stopped in a dark place whaiting for me.
Then a maruti omni came & tried to take me to the waiting cars.
I refused & turned back & reached the main Road. 
A brown bolero / Toyota came & stood watching me on the opposite side of the road. All this took about 1 hour.
As I knew an attack may take place, I was very careful.
It was a major attempt  with 4 vehicles involved in the murder attempt.
I was also Tracked – Followed & attacks planed in Bangalore,  Ooty, Kodai etc.

The RSS-BJP  & CPM-CPI are against me due to various reasons.
Criminal elements of Kerala Police may also be involved.

Criminal elements of Kerala Police may also be involved, as I have taken-up the issue for a long time, they have targeted me for years, written to supreme court recently.

Important Clues: A person claiming to be Dr. Maheswaran [Phone: 87787 30216] visited me in that place a day before that. He mainly came to collect details.
Two weeks before the attempt, a person named Sudhan [Ph: 78100-59159 & 99427-39502] tried to take me & leave me on top of a uninhabited mountain, as it would have been easy for the attack.

Dijo Thomas




Neelagiri Kaduva {Neelagiri Tiger}, a BigCat as Big as Tiger – was Discovered & Scientifically Proved by Scientist / Wildlife Conservationist Dijo Thomas in Tamil Nadu !!!

Dijo Thomas 
Email sent to TN CM on 19 Oct 19

Subject: Stop Press:- Neelagiri Kaduva {Neelagiri Tiger}, a BigCat as Big as Tiger – was Discovered & Scientifically Proved by Scientist / Wildlife Conservationist Dijo Thomas in Tamil Nadu !!!

Request Your Urgent Attention & Support  :       Neelagiri Tiger is a Pre-Historic animal – the Ancestor of both Feline {Cat} & Canid {Dog} Families    


Thiru Edappadi K. Palaniswami
Honble Chief Minister


Dear Sir,We request your strong Support to do Research on Two Rarest Species in the world, which exists in Tamil Nadu:1. Neelagiri Kaduva   {as Big as Tiger}2. Neelagiri  Cheruvan
1.Neelagiri Kaduva
Neelagiri Kaduva, as Big as Tiger, which was Discovered by Dijo Thomas   in  Coimbatore & Ambasamudram Forests is one of the most Important Species in the world ! It is called “Naai Puli” in Tamil.

NeelagiriKaduva-Neelagiri Tiger.jpg

Neelagiri Kaduva –

  • 8 th Big Cat in the world {Like Tiger, Lion, Leopard etc.} .
  •   Neelagiri Kaduva {NK} is As Big as the Tiger [Pug Mark size : 12 cm]
  • Ancestor of both Feline {Cat} & Canid {Dog} Families .
  • Discovered & Scientifically Proved by Scientist / Wildlife Conservationist / Environment Protection Activist / Wildlife Researcher Dijo Thomas in Neyyar Dam Thiruvantahapuram Dist. on 25 Sep 2014   &   Kanjani, Thrissur Dist. on 08 March 2016.

  •      Dijo Thomas had presented Scientific Paper on Neelagiri Kaduva {Neelagiri Tiger}, the NEW Species Found by him in TWO Indian Science Congress        – 103 rd Indian Science Congress 2016; held at University of Mysore on 07 Jan 2016   &      in 104 th Indian Science Congress; held at SV University, Tirupathi on 07 Jan 2017

2. Neelagiri  Cheruvan

Dijo Thomas also Discovered Neelagiri  Cheruvan in Ooty & Kodaikanal in 2019.
Neelagiri Cheruvan has a face similar to that of Neelagiri Kaduva or a Dog. Neelagiri Cheruvan is only little more Bigger than a Dog.The largest population of Neelagiri Cheruvan occurs in Ooty, which I estimate to be about 10 – 15. 
Ootty: Naai Siruthai [Dog Leopard]

We need your Strong Support in the   Conservation of Neelagiri Kaduva , which is of   International Importance  ! 
These Two Conservation Projects will bring a lot of International  Appreciation & Support to Tamil Nadu.
Regards,Dijo Thomas  & 
Wildlife Conservationists from South India

► Web 1: http://RareWildlife.org
 Blog: https://RareWildlife1.wordpress.com
YouTube:  1. RARE WildLife► https://www.youtube.com/c/WildlifeCon...

Media Reports                                       
More than 350 + Reports in Mainstream Media [& hundreds of Reports in smaller Media & Online] of Neelagiri Kaduva has come in 5 languages so far: Tamil, Malayalam, English, Kannada, Telungu etc.


Dinathanthi – 3jun16








Dinathanthi- Neelagiri Cheruvan – 21sep19

Sun News : https://youtu.be/KpwCoQbbWkk